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Located in Dandenong, ENZED South East has all your hydraulic hose and connector needs well and truly covered with 10 fully qualified HOSE DOCTORS ready and raring to go.

ENZED South East has 4 fully equipped mobile HOSE DOCTOR Vans to look after your needs in the field. Each HOSE DOCTOR van is fully stocked with an extensive range of hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings. They'll get you out of trouble and can make up virtually any replacement hose assembly quickly, reliably and cost effectively on site, 24 hours a day, everyday of the year.

At the ENZED South East Service Center we have another 4 fully trained HOSE DOCTORS behind the counter to ensure any breakdown you encounter is repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently.

If you need a hose fixed FAST, Call ENZED South East....We keep industry moving


David Jackson

Franchised Hose Doctor, 13 plus

David came out of the printing industry and is now one of ENZED South East’s most successful HOSE DOCTORS. Often in the top 20 HOSE DOCTORS in the country he is renowned for his meticulous work ethics and providing his customers with a high level of service.
David has been called upon to work on a wide variety of jobs from piping installs in roof tops to machines at the bottom of a quarry. No matter what the job he always tackles it in the professional manner that comes naturally to him.  

Barry Cook

Internal Hose Doctor, 18 Plus

Barry joined ENZED South East from the Transport Industry. He worked a company van for 10 years before becoming a member of our internal staff. He is a mentor and trainer of new HOSE DOCTORS and his knowledge and ability to make something out of nothing is legendary. He proves the adage that nothing beats experience.

Mike Traikovski

Franchised Hose Doctor, 8 plus

Mikes mechanical background is as an Air Conditioning Mechanic but he has also owned and operated Hotels and Motels. With experience like that he knows how to treat people and has built a very loyal and dedicated customer base. 
Mike is one of the top ENZED Hose doctors in the country and  is highly respected by his peers and his customers as someone who will always 'get the job done'.

Rodney Beaman

Hose Doctor - Franchised , May 2013

After completing his apprenticeship as a Fitter & Turner/Toolmaker Rodney continued in the engineering trade for another seven years. It was then that he decided to make a complete change of direction in his working life when he enlisted in the Armed Forces.

Working in a wide variety of locations Rodney served in the Army for 13 years where his skills were put to good use repairing and maintaining sophisticated military hardware including hydraulics & pneumatic systems. He is now using all he has learned as an ENZED Hose Doctor and has built a loyal customer base that keep him busy in a wide variety of tasks.


Louise McDermott

Hose Doctor - Internal, June 2016

Louise is one of only a few female ENZED HOSE DOCTORS in both Australia and New Zealand and she is successfully breaking down the stereotypes in a male dominated industry. Coming out of the Navy where she worked in ship engineering as a Marine Technician Louise was provided with a strong base to work from when entering the hydraulic hose and fitting field and she has taken full advantage of it.

Well established now as an experienced member of the ENZED South East team Louise assists in all aspects of business operations and her no-nonsense good-humoured manner is a welcome quality when the pressure is on.         

Serg Stankovic

Hose Doctor - Internal, April 2018

Serg brings surprising news skills to ENZED South East. Back in 2010’s there was much hype about Australia setting up an Aerospace Industry and to take advantage of it Serg completed a graduate course in Aerospace Engineering. Unfortunately for Serg (but fortunately for us) it ended up being just that, hype.

Disappointed that there were no jobs available Serg moved into the building Industry for several years where he worked as a Plumbers assistant, concreter and in hydro blasting.

A quick learner and popular with staff and customers Serg is now an integral part of our team and we see him as a pathway to the future for the business. The depth and breadth of skills at ENZED South East is far and wide and Serg adds another dimension that our customers and the team will benefit from.        


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